Friday, September 7, 2012

Is there another word for Update?

I feel like the majority of posts I've had lately have been "just little updates". This is just another one of those. No new news. Still waiting.

This last week I had a nice bit of overwhelming news. It was the lovely trifecta of announcements. One lady at work (who I found out by accident), one very close friend who is one of the best Moms I know, and a family member currently cooking up thier 10th!!!. All of these I found out about within 48 hours. Thankfully I did not have a full out breakdown but just a few tears.

The majority of my time has been spent working on my Thirty One business and learning to make pretty cakes. I found that having distractions is the best way for me to stay sane. However my husband had a talk with me the other night and wanted to know why I had not planned us a second IUI. My "excuse" is that we've been busy but after talking it out the truth just comes down to fear. Some days I feel strong enough knowing that is ok today that we do not have babies yet, there is still time. Other days I feel like its already too late and I should just figure out how to go on with life knowing we will never have them. For some reason it feels more daunting to have an one failed IUI behind us then it did before trying it. I know you can only do them so many times before moving on to IVF and for the love of all good-things holy that terrifies me. So after our talk we have decided to try again in November. It should be here before I know it.