Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Results - Finally!

It took almost two weeks, multiple phone calls and two doctors but we finally got the full story on the hubby's sperm analysis. Originally when the urologist spoke to my hubby things just sounded ok. After getting my doctor's opinion I feel a whole lot better about the results.

Previous Stats -
Total count is 74 million (over 40 is good, so this number is fantastic)
Viability is 84% (over 50 is preferred)
Concentration is 17 million (should be over 20)
Mobility is 17% (should be over 50%)

Post Varicocele Repair -
Total count is 127.8 million
Viability is 91%
Concentration is 28.4 million
Mobility is 58%

Major jumps in all of these areas. It feels like an accomplishment, like our waiting has paid off. The not so great part of the results -

Morphology before surgery was 1% and after is only 2%. Apparently the normal use to be 14% but has been updated with the last year to 4%. So we are not that far away from normal but both of our doctors feel an we will still have trouble for awhile.

So the recommendations are - have another SA in about 4 months and consider IUI. Looks like our journey is taking a new turn.


  1. i'm glad you finally got the answers you've been waiting for! that's great so many of the numbers jumped, and hopefully the morphology numbers will continue to get better :)

  2. Glad to hear you got some answers! That's also great that *most* of the results have come back improved, though I wish they all had been :(

    Dr Boy's urologist said he has a minor case of varicocele, but based on the so-so success rates (and my IF issues) we opted not to do it. Figured we'd need to rely on IUI or IVF anyways, so why bother. This cycle is IUI/clomid.

    Sometimes I wonder if we made the right choice, but I'm glad that it had a good result for you guys!! Happy 4th!

  3. Great that you have the results finally!. I'm glad there's been an improvement even if not in all areas. Good luck my girl!

  4. Those are some quite profound results! So so glad to see some good has come of this whole debacle! :-)

    -watches this space-

  5. I'm glad you finally got the results and I'm also glad that the surgery seems to have improved things. My hubby also had morphology issues. He was usually at 2%, but had a few instances where he was higher and lower than that, but always below 4%. Happily, we conceived through an IUI. Best of luck!

  6. I'm so glad that there's improvement!!! I hope it continues!!!

  7. Ohh the waiting for SA results! We've been there too many times!

    Best of luck with the next one in 4 months, and fingers crossed for a miracle in the meantime!