Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have you seen "Maybe Baby"?

Have you seen it? I'm not sure it is for everyone and I'm not sure it is a good idea when your having a rough day but I did actually enjoy it. I found myself laughing out loud to a quite a few parts and of course can relate.

This quote ticked me -
"You can't make an omelet without eggs"
(the Doc telling her she OVd and that it was good that she had)

While the movie seems to take a turn for the overall odd storyline wise I did find myself quite enjoying the beginning. There is a scene where the guy is sitting at a piano singing to his dog about having a sperm analysis test the following day. Take away the piano and you've got my husband right there, even down to the dog being a basset hound. My DH makes up songs all time and we of course have had a few great ones about the many IF related items over the last year +.

On a less light note, I really felt touched by this quote from the movie -
"The longing inside me seems to become almost physical, sort of morning sickness for the barren and unfulfilled....I don't know why it is that women feel such a deep need to create life from within themselves. Why they yearn for a time when their own flesh will bring them comfort. But I know that they do. That is an experience that which most women, women with children, miss out on in life, the intensively female grief which encompasses the fear that those children might never exist."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Still Here

I am still around just a bit more quite lately. I'm checking in every now and then to see whats up but I've missed a lot. Hopefully not anyone's good news! I have started numerous times to write a new post but found that I did not have much to say so I just waited.

Today is CD 31 of a cycle I did not watch or chart at all and am just waiting now for AF to show up. While it would be just lovely to have a crazy surprise I'm not expecting anything. And you know what? That is ok. We have some things to look forward to and so this month not being successful will not be the end of the world.

Since I last checked in not much has changed really. We are going on vacation soon and once we get back we are going to start planning and saving for that very first IUI.

After the crazy two weeks trying to get our SA results I had a bit of a breakdown. It was an emotional end of a rough couple of weeks and I got to my breaking point. I was angry one second and crying the next. So I decided that was not cool and I was going to do something about it. What I expected to be an awkward doctor's appointment turned into a really nice outlet and releasing of stress. It turns out my doctor was off that day and the normal back up was too and they had in a lady from another office. She walked in the room and I started bawling. And then she told me her story and how much she understood what I was going through. Her are her husband tried for nine years before having a child and she reassured me that having a bit of help was ok and for some people its silly not to.

So now I've got happy pills and they seem to have helped. I'm a bit more mellow when it comes to those mood swings and I am not crying at the drop of every hat. Its nice but seems to had led to a bit of a dry spell on the blog front.

Well I guess that is all for now. I've missed checking in with you ladies everyday and hope to get back to it soon.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Results - Finally!

It took almost two weeks, multiple phone calls and two doctors but we finally got the full story on the hubby's sperm analysis. Originally when the urologist spoke to my hubby things just sounded ok. After getting my doctor's opinion I feel a whole lot better about the results.

Previous Stats -
Total count is 74 million (over 40 is good, so this number is fantastic)
Viability is 84% (over 50 is preferred)
Concentration is 17 million (should be over 20)
Mobility is 17% (should be over 50%)

Post Varicocele Repair -
Total count is 127.8 million
Viability is 91%
Concentration is 28.4 million
Mobility is 58%

Major jumps in all of these areas. It feels like an accomplishment, like our waiting has paid off. The not so great part of the results -

Morphology before surgery was 1% and after is only 2%. Apparently the normal use to be 14% but has been updated with the last year to 4%. So we are not that far away from normal but both of our doctors feel an we will still have trouble for awhile.

So the recommendations are - have another SA in about 4 months and consider IUI. Looks like our journey is taking a new turn.