Friday, September 3, 2010

Starting Something New

Well this is it. I picked up my RX today of Clomid and tomorrow is CD3.

I have to admit I am nervous. A bit worried about it not working or having bad side effects. But I'm also very excited. We visited the new niece (it was a girl, btw) and I held her for about thirty minutes. I am so ready for this and WILL have positive thoughts. I will have bad days but for now a more positive attitude is the plan.

This is one step in the right direction. This is me doing something proactive. This is a plan.

This could be what it takes!


  1. I wish you the best of luck!

  2. Clomid is alright at a low dose although the first time through may be a bit of a shock the system. The primary things I found was psychotic Clomid rage episodes and hot flushes at night. There were other small bits and pieces but they were the big ones. Clomid rage doesn't happen too frequently but just be aware if you do have a psychotic episode of anger...or become unbelievable sad, that is the likely culprit.

    As far as it not working... well 50mg was not enough to bring ovulation back to normal for me... even the 100mg only made a slight adjustment but it seemed to have been enough.

    Is your doc doing blood tests with you??

    Good luck!!! :-D xxxx

  3. How exciting ! I really hope this works. Good luck!