Saturday, July 23, 2011

Have you seen "Maybe Baby"?

Have you seen it? I'm not sure it is for everyone and I'm not sure it is a good idea when your having a rough day but I did actually enjoy it. I found myself laughing out loud to a quite a few parts and of course can relate.

This quote ticked me -
"You can't make an omelet without eggs"
(the Doc telling her she OVd and that it was good that she had)

While the movie seems to take a turn for the overall odd storyline wise I did find myself quite enjoying the beginning. There is a scene where the guy is sitting at a piano singing to his dog about having a sperm analysis test the following day. Take away the piano and you've got my husband right there, even down to the dog being a basset hound. My DH makes up songs all time and we of course have had a few great ones about the many IF related items over the last year +.

On a less light note, I really felt touched by this quote from the movie -
"The longing inside me seems to become almost physical, sort of morning sickness for the barren and unfulfilled....I don't know why it is that women feel such a deep need to create life from within themselves. Why they yearn for a time when their own flesh will bring them comfort. But I know that they do. That is an experience that which most women, women with children, miss out on in life, the intensively female grief which encompasses the fear that those children might never exist."


  1. Hmmm I will have to watch this one day soon. My Fella doesn't sing but does tend to make up silly jokes about our situation I find it quite comforting at times.
    Thinking of you my girl xx

  2. I have just recently watched this movie. And for me... I found it a bit overwhelming. Jared and I have been TTC for over two years... but we are just about to involve doctors. I dunno, I'm just a bit scared (teriffied) about what all may come next.