Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Come on OV

CD 16

So today is day 7 of getting a high reading on my CBEFM. You know I think that gadget was created by a man. Who needs five days of high readings? I just want to know when to do it!

And while I'm on that topic. Instead of seeing this boring image on a peak day.....
I want that window to show me something more exciting like a cartoon or some hot twilight picture or something!


  1. I used Cl.ear.Blue Easy back when I was using OPKs. I hated seeing the empty circle day after day. But when the smiley face finally came along, I seriously wanted to frame it.

  2. LOL, you crack me up :-)
    Come on OV!!!

  3. I hope O time comes soon!! I agree a nice picture would be much nicer to see!!

    BTW I got the earrings from your giveaway in the mail today..thank you so much!! Brightened my day!!!! xx