Friday, April 29, 2011

CBEFM – you have let me down!

CD 18 ….2WW?

Well I’m a bit lost right now. I’ve had 9 days of high readings on my CBEFM and so far no peaks. However yesterday I could tell the test strip malfunctioned and it showed a blurry mess. By reviewing my other stuff (CM and swollen ovaries) I am pretty sure my OV peak day would have been yesterday but I hate not knowing for sure. So I think I’m now on the 2WW.

Aside from that issue all has been pretty great this week. I’ve been busy as a bee and it went by so fast. So now its Positive Friday Time! Here are just a few things I’m happy to look back on, be excited for or just be glad about now -

1. Got to see Water for Elephants earlier this week and loved it! I am so glad they did a good job and did the story justice. Had a pretty fun night out with the girls as well.

2. I totally forgot to mention last week how freaking awesome it was to see a small private concert over at one of our local radio stations. Christina Perri came to down before starting her first tour and had a little meet and greet. You had to win your way in and I luckily got through to get tickets. It was so awesome and I just love her music. The CD comes out in less than two weeks and I’m about to burst!

3. Our goats are really coming out personality wise. (have I even mentioned we have two little fainting goats?) Last night they were playing on our porch with the dogs. Jumping up and down off while the dogs chanced them all over the place. They put on quite a cute show.

4. I’m busy at work and loving it!!!!

5. The husband and I had a wonderful week. We normally have great weeks but this week we were on the same page the whole time. He has been very sweet and just overall wonderful.

6. I am so behind on reading everyone's blogs and I'm looking forward to catching up tomorrow morning with a big cup of coffee

7. We are safe. My family, neighbors and coworkers are all safe. There were some awful storms in the southeast (USA) this week and I am just so grateful that our area was not drastically damaged. It was just a year ago that we had a major flood and we are still not recovered from that. So I am so grateful to have a home today and to have my family safe. I hope if any of my fellow bloggers have family or live in the AL areas that were hit that you are all ok. My heart just goes out to those many families that lost loved ones.

Well that is all I have for now. I hope each of you have a great weekend ahead of you planned and can think of a positive thing or two as well.


  1. Oh my word, fainting goats? For real? So much fun! :) Best of luck in your tww!

  2. Aww goats!!! Can you post a pic? They sound super cute!!!

    I really can't wait to see Water For Elephants. I read the book and loved's not out for a few more weeks here though.

    Glad you are safe and that you and DH had a great week! Hope the weekend continues the same!

    My positive for today..the sun is finally out!!!

  3. Dumb about the readings but no doubt you've been busy all week anyway hehe.
    Glad to hear you're ok - saw some footage of the storms over that way not nice!
    Take care hun xx