Monday, April 25, 2011

Just Running Behind

CD 14
High reading

Has it really been a week since my last post? Sorry to be a slacker. Not much is going on here I’m just waiting on OV.

Work has finally picked up and I’m so glad. There are more things to do and day is not filled with all thoughts of babies. I have a lot of projects I am working on and a fundraising event that is coming up soon too. With more busy also comes more drama. I will not get into it here but lets just say that working in an office full of women can really suck sometimes.

My hot flashes from Clomid this month have been the worst yet. If this is what Menopause will be like then I am so not excited! I am not happy gal when I get hot and the idea of sweating grosses me out. I am pretty OV will be tomorrow so that will help with them as well. Every time a hot flash emerges I just keep telling myself that it is so worth it and I can do it!

I’m being hopeful again this month. All we can do is Try so that’s all I am allowing myself to do. No obsessing, no crying (it at all possible), no ‘what if’ statements, no other plans – just to do our best, time things as best as possible and just Try.


  1. I'm your newest follower... went through YEARS of infertility myself, and now back on the rollercoaster trying for number 2. I did 8 cycles with Clomid and had terrible hot flashes, so I feel your pain. Hang in there. . . {cyber hugs}.

  2. Urgh working with women is a real blast sometimes isn't it.
    Good to see ov around CD 14! Am only 4 days ahead of you so lets get those BFP's together!!! Have fun making a baby hehe :)

  3. Trying without all the other TTC stuff is the best thing.... but soooo hard to do :( I admire you xoxo

  4. i totally feel your pain. i did clomid this cycle with my IUI and i'm on CD 15 and i'm still having the hot flashes. i hope they pass quickly for you! good luck!!!

  5. Yucky - the hot flashes do suck! Especially since it's getting warmer. Hopefully this is your lucky cycle and your last round!!