Friday, September 30, 2011


It has been a while but I am still around. Things have been going well and honestly my emotional roller-coasters have slowed down quite a bit and have allowed me to rest and just be myself. I have a been a happy and busy girl.

We are still in a waiting pattern right now. The schedules from an end to summer vacation and the hubby's new job have had us out of town a bit and unsure of what each week has planned. So with that said, the calendar looks clear and we hope to have our very first IUI in November!

So if I'm going to do this blog thing today, might as well do it right and have a Positive Friday post. Here goes....

1. Today was an awesome day! My mood was great, it went fast and now it is the weekend
2. We got free pizza at work. One of our customers loves his rep and he ordered Pizza to be delivered to us today and it was soooo tasty!
3. I got some good deals this week while couponing and have really enjoyed getting myself organized and in the know with those coupons.
4. Went to a concert last night downtown and enjoyed a lovely outside show. The weather was perfecto.
5. Have another concert planned on Sunday that I can't wait for.
6. Fall network shows are back! It is crazy how much I love stupid TV. (have any of you seen any good new shows? Any duds?)
7. I have a bit of time to myself tonight because the hubby has boys night. And that means I do not have to cook dinner.
8. Tomorrow we are having a little bonfire in the drive way and some friends are coming by. I am looking forward to good friends and smores.
9. I came how today to the sweetest package in the mail. This last month I signed up on another blog to do Secret Sisters month where you get to meet other ladies dealing with IF and have a bit of support for a while. I really enjoyed it and my wonderful sweet secret lady. I loved chatting with her by email. Then today I get home and she had sent the sweetest little package with a big ol' awesome smelling cancel and holder. Both were cupcake themed (which I freakin adore) and I am just so tickled about it.

So what about each of you? What have I missed? The good and the bad, lets here it. Get it out and then end with a positive note. Start the weekend off right and remember while things are tough there are always a few good things can make you smile.


  1. I am tremendously happy you're happy my girl. Lovely hearing what you've been up to. I don't have too much to report from my end...well nothing nor exciting lol!!! Have any enjoyable weekend xxx

  2. Yay! Good for you! I'm very excited for your IUI!

  3. So good to hear from you! I'm glad to hear you've been happy & busy! :)

  4. Been wondering how you have been!! Glad there are some happy things for you to share with us all. Sounds like you have been busy. Hoping that the IUI is a success. xx

  5. I love bon fires and smores! It's awesome that you are keeping so positive! Good luck on your first IUI!! I just featured your blog tonight!