Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiss my butt kind of Friday

Normally I try to avoid having a bitchy post on Friday’s but this morning a co worker really ticked me off.

We have bad storms coming in the area today. We knew they were coming in yesterday; the news reminded us this morning on before work. However most normal people went into work today and sent their kids to school. Unfortunately we are not able to stop everything for the weather. With that said, I do understand the fear of storms and the capacity of damage of they bring. Fear of Mother Nature is natural and smart. Respect it and your better off.

So a little while ago schools in our area announced they were closing early so for the pending storms. I have a quite a few ladies around me in the office that have children, so when I saw a posting about the closings I said it out loud for those around. The news had spread fast so it was no a surprise but my co worker that sits with me (a young-unmarried male) kidded around and said “oh then I have to leave to go get my kid”. I laughed and told him to shut up, we all know he doesn’t have kids. And it was a joke. No harm meant and the joke was just for me…..

Well another co-worker practically flew off the handle about how it was not a joke and how having kids is a responsibility and a big deal. That having to care about someone other than yourself was hard and needed to be understood. Pretty much trying to school us on the fact that we should not laugh about it and were stupid for not understanding. Then light hearted said something about taking care of her kids because they were her spawn, even if they were the spawn of the devil.

Ok, first of all, it was a flipping joke. It was not said to her or meant for her. We are not dense enough to think a bad storm coming is not a valid worry; the damn joke was based on the fact that he did have kids and tries to leave work whenever possible. It is a Friday, I would be happy to leave early too! I really just wanted to tell her to go to hell. Your ability to spawn (seriously, her word) does not give you the right to be a bitch. Does not mean you get to be rude to the others around you. There are plenty of things about her and her life I could touch upon that tick me off, but I won’t get into it b/c it is not important, but I’ll say that being ‘fussed’ at by her really pissed me off.

I’m done now, just needed to get that out.

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  1. I know someone I can completely picture throwing the same stupid fit. I'm sure I would have argued and scream back something at her.... Course mine's more an ex-friend and not a co-worker.. ohwell. Anyways I feel for ya