Thursday, June 14, 2012

Post IUI

8 days post IUI

My moods this week have been horrible so I have avoided blogging an update. We did indeed have our IUI and are smack in the middle of out TWW.

I am trying do hard not to over think things and add up symptoms. However my moodiness is either due to the clomid or my hormones. I have also had a very dry mouth and felt parched all day. Normally the mornings are worse.

Some days I have twinges and feelings but I am terrified of being let down so we are trying to expect a negative. Only another week till we know.


  1. Grrrr....The dreaded TWW. Sometimes I think waiting is just as awful if not more awful than a negative. Praying that the time goes quickly. I know you are expecting a negative so you won't be let down, but I will hope for your positive. Praying for you!

  2. Oooh I am so excited for you. I'm hoping with all my heart that its finally a positive for you guys.

  3. Clomid did give me the very dry mouth symptom. Good luck!!!

  4. SO hopeful for you! Clomid never gave me dry mouth symptoms...but this pregnancy did right before I got my BFP!! Praying for two pink lines to show up!

  5. Clomid never gave me a dry mouth. But neither did pregnancy. I also don't remember it screwing with me too royally during my LP. The more extreme emotional reactions have either come on the day of AF or from pregnancy. Hoping the latter for you lovely! xxx

  6. Hi, i was wondering if you could advise me on my second IUI. my first IUI did not go well because right before the insemination, the doctor found out that i have a polyp which was surgically removed recently; so my first IUI was doomed to fail.
    for the first IUI each Doctor visitation prior to IUI coast me $200, and i went 4 times. the fifth visitation was the IUI which coasted me $428 (plus the costs for Clomid (clomiphene) and the trigger shot)i was wondering if this sounds normal?? i red on-line blog that someone went to only 2 office visitation prior to IUI. How many visitation does one go prior to the IUI???

    1. I only had two visits, the initial visit that included the ultra sound and shot.
      Our second visit was for the IUI itself.
      However my doc said there can be as many as three checks before they say your ready. In my opionion I think they did mine too early in the cycle because it was the end of the week. I expected to have more than one ultrasound.
      Good luck! It sounds like your dr is trying to do things just in he right times.

  7. Thanks so much for your respond!! <3