Monday, June 4, 2012

Hot Flash....I mean News Flash

Just a quick update today since i am typing on my phone.

I am currently lying in bed with awful hot flashes. Why? Because I took Clomid this month. Why? Because we are finally attempting an IUI!

Tomorrow morning I go for a follicle tracking ultrasound. It will be CD12 and hopefully we can get it moving before the weekend.

Miss you all! I am going to dive back into blogging regularly again soon.


  1. Congrats on starting an IUI cycle! Sorry for the hot flashes. I it means you have a nice little crop of follies growing on your u/s today!

  2. Isn't Clomid just awesome!? LOL! I always wondered if anyone could see just how ridiculously hot I was getting at random. Looking forward to hearing more from you! :-D Good luck with U/S! Come on little follies!

  3. Yay am stoked for you...hope this goes well. And great to hear from you!