Thursday, September 9, 2010

A longer wait

Well I survived my first try at Clomid. I took my last dose yesterday and as far as I could tell I did not experience any side effects. I'm not sure if this part might come later on but I guess we'll see.

Its funny, this month I feel off my schedule. I started doing something (taking the pills) for this cycle a lot earlier than I normal start prepping for the month. So I feel like more should be going on, almost like I'm in the 2WW. Also I feel neglected by my Fertility monitor. Last month was the first time I used it so I started tested on day 5 up to day 25. Now I turn it on and it just stares at me, it doesn't need or want me!

I'm looking forward to this cycle and its possibilities. We have a good bit of things going on at home and work so I plan to be distracted and will this month to go by quickly. And when it ends I hope, wish, pray for a BFP :)


  1. If you've got through the first five days cleanly you should be pretty right for the rest. The only other thing you may find is that as you approach ovulation your ovaries feel like they've swollen to the size of footballs and becomes quite achey. Ovulation itself may also become distinctly uncomfortable. If you don't get that then you are one of the lucky ones!!!

  2. Lol - I do consider myself a pretty lucky person over all so maybe this is one of those times it comes in handy :)