Tuesday, September 14, 2010

So whats going on...

So its CD12 no sign of anything. Fertility monitor is still saying low. I have no clue if the Clomid is working, I do know that I am having a small side effect - hot flashes! Its so odd and not very pleasant. I know it could be worse but I am one of those people that HATE to be hot. I hate summer, I'm ready for snow and now I feel like I need an emergency fan in my purse.
But this is me doing something, this is me trying even harder for this!

I've had a few people ask me lately when the kids were coming and I did ok. There were no tears and no swing towards depression. I'm still trying to actively keep my mood up at work and not really talk about things.

Today I had a publisher (I work with authors and publishers for book printing) tell me today - Thanks for all your help nursing this grumpy baby through the birth canal!
(by baby she does mean her book)
then an hour or so later she called to ask me something and signed off of our phone conversation by saying "your a good midwife"

This did not bother me but just seemed so odd.

On to other news- the hubby is being even more supportive! He is trying to keep up the schedule but also reminds me that everything will be ok and, as he said last night, "we WILL have babies" :D


  1. Dont' stress if the Clomid doesn't shift your ovulation straight away. 50mg didn't help me at all. 100mg the first time around did and debatable about the second depending on when you take CD1 to be etc. but it can't have made too much difference cause it worked out.

    Just be patient and roll with it. Even if you do ovulate late it also doesn't mean it won't work. :-) Never give up!

    BTW Glad to hear DH is being so wonderful!