Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well Ok, So Where Was I Again

CD 25, 7ish DPO

Oh my, now this has been a crazy week. Nothing too exciting TTC wise just in general. My blogger feed is messed up right now and will not show me other blogs so I feel in the dark about what is going on with everyone else.

I am also in the dark about my cycle this week. I never did hit a peak day on my monitor so I am guesstimating that OV was on CD 18 and I am 7 DPO. I had positive readings for four more days after that but I am guessing that the Peak day would have it on the one day the test messed up. My ovaries felt a little swollen and right for the picking so I'm going with that.

However in the mean time I have been wondering if the Clomid messed with my cycle and I didn't OV at all this month. This has never happened before but there could be odder things then that.

Work has been awesomely busy and this week I have had two 11 hour days. But now I'm off for a long weekend so they will have to do without me. I am taking a family trip up to IL with my Mom and Sister to see a cousin of ours that is having an album release party/concert. Then we get to see family we don't see but every few years. I'm hoping the trip up there doesn't drag but I guess we'll see.

So with that I'll have to leave you and wish all of you sticky beans, happy hearts and positive thoughts. I've got to go pack!

(oh and I'll be missing Positive Friday since I am not cool and do not have a smart please spread the positivity and share a little here with me!)


  1. Oh no sorry your feed has been messed up. Strange about the high readings. Enjoy your trip away!! Sounds like a lot of fun.
    Take care xx

  2. I hope your cycle wasn't messed up and that you did ovulate! Fingers crossed! Have a good trip!