Monday, June 21, 2010

Being Strong

As previously stated the hubby was out of town during ovulation time, so now I'm just waiting for this cycle to end. While I would love this to be an easy process the fact that my last cycle and this one are both turning about to be about 10 days longer...
That's 20 days total.
That's 2/3 of a normal cycle.
That's 2/3 of a month this year that we are not able to use for conception.

Whew, I feel a bit better now. Back to being strong.


  1. Hi Lindsay,

    A little confused... why is your cycle 10 days longer??? Your LP should be pretty constant. Are you sure you are ovulating when you think you are? How are you tracking your cycle at the moment?

    BTW, if you BDed the day before ovulation you should be fine. Easier than trying to time it on the exact day because the egg can have such a short life span.

  2. My average cycle was running at 29 days to the dot. But last month I didn't OV until CD 23/24 so AF waited until CD39 to arrive. I was doing OPTs and this backed up my CM signs.

    This month just watching CM again I didn't OV until CD 23/24. Now I'm on CD 30 with no signs of AF or other symptoms.

    I've got 30 days worth of OPTs and plan to test everyday next month and log it. If I run long again I'm running straight to the OB.

  3. Hi Lindsay

    Green Sprout is right, if you BD one day before you ovulated you have a VERY good chance this month !

    Good Luck to you

  4. Hi Lindsay,

    CD23/24 is very late for ovulation. I believe anything past CD20 is classified medically as delayed ovulation. My understanding is that this can have negative effects on the quality of your eggs and hence, the chances of fertilization. That's not to say it can't or won't happen, just that is isn't ideal. Ovulating that late, I'd be wondering if there is some other kind of process going on there. Have you consided temping?? That is a really great way to confirm that you are ovulating and WHEN you are ovulating, in conjunction with your CM and OPKs without having to go for bloods. Can recommend as a really good tool for charting your cycle too. :-)

  5. I am concered about late OV and plan to at least call the doc after this cycle wraps up.

    I did record temps last month and it confirmed my CD 23/24 OV time. I like and have been using it.

    Since the hubby was probably going to be gone this month, I decided to just take it easy and try not to stress by charting this month but will be back to at the end of this cycle.