Saturday, June 5, 2010

Doctor's Advice

So whats worse than sitting around at work among friends or at work with a preggo friend or two...sitting in a Dr's office being the only one NOT pregnant...

I finally sucked it up and went in to talk to my Dr about us trying. I was due for my yearly anyways but I was so stressed to go. I have such a fear of being told we'll have problems. I worried so much on the way there that by the time I got to my appointment, they said my blood pressure was elevated.

Very happy to say all is well and no extra worries but one of the most disheartening things I've heard so far came from my Dr -

"You know its completely normally for a couple to take up to a year to get pregnant. Come back and see me this time next year if your still trying"

It took everything I had to make it out of the office, down the elevator and to my car before having a small breakdown. I've read these things before and honestly I knew, but to just be told right to your face, (whew) it was tough.


(further Statics, not sure how accurate this is but it does not excite me)
Even for perfectly healthy couples, unprotected intercourse does not always result in a positive pregnancy test the first month that they try. For the average couple, the statistics seem to indicate that:

50% will get pregnant within 4 months
75% will take up to 8 months
90% will conceive with 1 year

That means the odds are in your favor that you will fall pregnant within twelve months of trying.

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