Thursday, June 24, 2010

Stuck in the Middle

So today is CD 35....

That is technically 6 days late, but last month AF showed up on CD 39.
It's been five days since I tested BFN but so far no real signs of AF.
Trying to decide if I want to test again or wait a few more days.
Trying not to symptom watch. Again. Trying NOT to symptom watch.

On to other things....I have come obsessed with reading other people's blogs. The happy ones from people that just found out, the ones still struggling, ones still hoping and other random ones. It's just so darn nice to know and feel like you are not the only one having these feelings. It's nice to read and feel happy for these ladies who are getting their little miracles - and oddly enough I don't hate them/judge them/cry or be jealous because I get to read their whole story. I get to decide which blogs I want to read and when. I get to choose if I want to 'walk on by' a pregnant now blog.
I like feeling a bit in control.


  1. Hi, I'm Janessa! I found you on Christine's blog roll. :)

    You sound like me- I hate testing and seeing that BFN! I try to only test if I have a sign of pregnancy or if I'm late! Good luck! :) Feel free to follow my blog, I haven't started talking about TTC yet but I'm about to! :)

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    If you ovulated on June 13 then you are only 11DPO. Unless your luteal phase is short then you're probably not going to be late for another four days yet. 11DPO may also be too early to get a BFP even with some of the really sensitive tests. :-)