Sunday, June 13, 2010

Out of Town

Well the husband went out of town - and of course its my Ovulation day. I knew it was probably going to time out this way but its still a hard hit knowing that this month is a complete wash.


  1. Hi Lindsay!


    Just spent a few going through your history. How long have you been trying?? I really object to these doctors who force couple to try for a year before seeking help. I went at the six month mark. First doctor wouldn't help so I went to another on recommendation from a friend. She set me up and I've been able to get the major investigations done. Come up empty handed which is woeful.. Or maybe I'm just that statistic...that 10% that doesn't manage within a year. Who knows. Either way, I'd really say to you that it might be worth seeing another doc.

    Your DH travel a lot? You may be interested in the blog of a mate of mine. She's also TTC and her other half spends a week at a time away: Have you been getting a lot bed time beforehand? His guys can survive about 2-3 days in there when fertile so it is always good to get them in if you know he's likely to go away.

    Anyhow, this is turning into an essay. Will be following your journey! :-D Hopefully, it isn't a long one! xxx

  2. thanks for the blog suggestion I'm looking forward to reading up and connecting with a few others TTC.
    Were just at the four/five month mark now and I am considering talking to another Doc if we hit six months.
    My DH is not a big traveler it just happened to be a trip planned way in advance. He was going hiking and very excited about it so I didn't have the heart to let him know he was missing it. He left on Sunday and we BD that morning and I Ovd on Monday so there is a small chance but I'm not counting on it. There's hope and then there's wishful thinking (which always gets my hopes up too high). So i'm focusing on getting through this long cycle and then on to next month.