Friday, March 4, 2011

It's Positive Friday Time

CD23, 3DPO

Another Friday, another week over! Time to go home and get the party on…well not really but I am excited for the weekend.

Here are my reasons why -

1. We got some goats. They are two little billies (boys) and are fainting goats. We have decided to name the black one Batman but we are not yet sure on the white one yet. (originally we through Robin but it just doesn’t fit) Name suggestions are welcome! So now we are excited to go home and hang out with them.

2. My sister had a surgery today for endometriosis and everything went fine. They said it was mild if any at all.

3. At work today this link got passed around – (here). We were all rolling in our cubes and most of us were crying with laughter. (fair warning, some of it is unintentionally crude)

4. It is going to rain tomorrow so my hubby and I have a scheduled lazy day. I hoping to get in quite a few episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

5. There is a chance the hubby might take me out to a movie tomorrow too. I really want to see Unknown.

6. My sister’s birthday is today so I get to bake a cake this weekend for her. I am trying to improve my baking skills and it is pretty fun for me to do so.

7. I am a big Internez shopper. Much more than I should be but I can’t help myself. Today I got a great deal using Ebates . Each day they have double points for one website and today it was 51%! That’s absurd but good for me. If you ever buy online I would suggest checking it out!

8. Now that winter is coming to an end and my big coat is not needed most days, I got to switch out my purse for a more spring looking one. Silly as it is I love breaking out a new purse.

Now before you go, please think of at least one positive thing. Start your weekend off right with a smile and find joy in something. Please comment here and tell me if you feel like sharing.


  1. How about Batman and Bruce (Wayne)? My positive thought- resting up on a rainy day from a long, not so great week! Hope you get to enjoy a lazy day as well!

  2. Love your positive Friday... great to start the w/end with a smile - my positive is going to my brother's engagement party over the w/end - he's marrying the most lovely person and I'm sure they'll be happy together. Positive thoughts to you xo

  3. Love the positives - hope you got to watch Sons of Anarchy we watch it here too. My positive is that my progesterone cream finally arrived!

  4. I'm hoping that by thinking positively I can will myself a positive! Sounds like you had a great weekend. I just laughed out loud at most of those autocorrects and then sent them to a friend. Thanks for sharing!