Thursday, March 3, 2011

Moving Right Along

CD21, 2 DPO

Things are moving along. I am glad to feel like we are back on track but I also feel a bit boring.

This week at work has picked up and I am so grateful for it. I hope to say just as busy as a bee during this 2WW. My last few cycles have not been consistent time wise and are starting to creep back up in length (i.e. OV on CD 20!). So I think I have decided to call my doc this month and see if we can give Clomid another try. Right now I am blindly holding out hope that the hubby's surgery worked and our odds are greater.

The only other update from this week was a rejection letter. Back when we first started trying I signed up for a healthy pregnancy study. If you were TTC or less than 9 weeks along you could sign up. For the first few months I filled out an online form everyday with about 10 questions about medicines or symptoms or in general how I was feeling. After three months with no results I was moved to no survey but each month they sent me a free test strip. Well the other day I got a rejection letter. It was very nice and pretty much said that I was no longer enrolled in the study and could come back later on if I got knocked up. I knew I was out but the letter kind of stung a bit.

I have moved on and am trying to be positive. Once of these days my belief that Positivity leads to Positives will pan out. Here's to hoping it is this month!


  1. Keeping you in my thoughts and hoping that a positive is headed your way this month!! xx

  2. Hoping that your positivity leads to a positive.... sending you positive thoughts for the week to come :)) xoxo