Friday, March 25, 2011

Positive Friday

CD 12
high reading

Happy Friday All! (or Saturday morning to some of you)

If you are new to my blog, I like to do a Positive Friday post. I am a positive thinking person and believe that if you can be positive you can bring yourself positive things. So to start my weekend off right I like to list a few things that made me happy or I am positive about. Big or small I think its good to remember that there are happy things going on while struggling to get to that really big happy place.

here goes....

1. I am almost at 49 followers. I think its time I do a little giveaway when I hit 50!
2. I’m feeling better and the husband does too. Always nice to get over being sick.
3. I won something from a local radio station earlier on this week. And it’s a good prize - $200 and McDonald coffee drinks for a year! Totally awesome win.
4. I’m learning to coupon and learning anything new is always fun for me. Any suggestions on websites to use or people to follow?
5. I got my haircut last weekend and was really not happy with. Well I called up my awesome hairdresser and she had me come in yesterday to fix it up. Now it looks great and I’m uber happy with it.
6. I'm having hot flashes like crazy! So i'm going to say hooray because hopefully that means Clomid is doing it job.
7. Today was the first day of High on my CBEFM.
8. My sister has had a few really good things happen for her this last week or so - a new scholarship and an internship for this summer. I'm happy and proud of her and glad she got both of these.
9. I am looking forward to a nice quite weekend without a lot of plans
10. I have already found some great new blogs to follow and some of my older ones have gotten their BFPs this week! Congrats to all of them.

Thank you for stopping by and I wish you a lovely weekend. Before you go I encourage you to think of a few good things for yourself and if you feel like it have your own Positive post or just tell me a thing or two your happy about.


  1. what a great idea! i'm really happy that i had my first (and hopefully last) IUI this morning. :) yay!

  2. Yay for positivity!!!! Love that you got a high reading! Congrats! now get to BD'ing :)

    Love the positive idea for friday...I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

  3. I just became your 50th!! Love the positive Friday!

  4. CONGRATS on the radio win, that is an awesome win!!!! I never win anything. Hope you are able to enjoy your winnings and have a great weekend!

  5. Cool prize from the radio station! One website I use for coupons is It lists sales prices at certain stores and if there is a coupon available for any of those items.

    Positive Friday thought- we made it this far through IVF and have the transfer tomorrow! :]

    P.S. I thought I was already following you! #52

  6. Yay for high readings have fun making the baby. Pretty much in the same place as you right now (cycle wise) so just imagine if we both BFP together..that would be awesome!!
    My positive is that I went shopping and got lots of cool things!!

  7. Hi,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

    There are a lot of BFP going on right now and I am beyond happy for them. Fingers crossed this cycle is the one for you and me!

    Happy ICLW Week, Ashley

  8. I LOVE your positive posts! They make me smile :-) You are an inspiration. <3

  9. What wonderful positives!! What a great prize from the radio station, too!!

  10. I like your positive Friday idea! I might have to start doing that as well