Monday, March 14, 2011

Lets Try This Again

CD 2(ish)

Well the weekend did not produce a positive result. It was not a bad one, it just didn't include all that I was hoping for. I started spotting on Sunday and AF finally kicked in full gear today. But such is life when you're living it in cycles.

I decided this last month that I wanted to give it another try with Clomid and blindly have faith that the hubby's "stuff" is better. It honestly surprises me to know how desperate I was last year to find out what was wrong and now I am in a place of fear to know the truth and holding on to just hope instead.

So on Monday I called my Dr's office and asked to speak to a nurse about trying Clomid again. They never called me back but instead called in a RX to the pharmacy. Not only did they call it in without telling me but they called it in for 10MG and two refills.

So here we go again!

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, up to 45 percent of women receiving Clomid will become pregnant after six cycles.

I also have a friend that has a "color sense" and said she saw a really good white light color when I mentioned taking Clomid. And I'll take all the good signs I can get!

Now I'll calling upon the nice peeps that do statistics and good lights to kindly ask that you consider me for the good side of things this go around.....


  1. GOOD LUCK!! I hope it does the trick!!!

  2. Hi Lindsay, Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning! It is always nice to meet some new bloggers during ICLW!!!

    I am super impressed with your faith for this cycle and think that it must mean that you know something good is waiting just around the corner for you!

    My love and I also dealt with MFI, waiting out 6 months of hormone therapy to try and 'fix' the problem. We are now doing IVF with DS, what a ride this is.

    Your post about the what if's really hits home, still. As I wait for our beta, I am consumed with a whole new list of what ifs'. Deep breaths!

    Have you tried the circle bloom audio series? It really helped me keep my head full of positive thoughts as we went thru each cycle. Totally worth the $50.

    Good luck!