Saturday, July 17, 2010

CD 20 and other people's babies

This week has been very stressful and overall was not great. Stress wise I think I handled it okay, but I was really on the line a few times of freaking out.

I worked long hours this week just trying to get caught up. Its been a lot of work but next week is supposed to be better. I will be training but no longer backing anyone else up. I also tried to talk out some problems I had there and while I felt better talking about it, I don't think the changes I was hoping for will come about. But I tried and all I can do now is wait to see if my concerns will be a real problem or not.

Baby wise, its been a little more stressful. Both my cousin and a lady from work found out they are having girls this week. I didn't get mad which is a good thing but hearing about it did get me a little down. Woke up this morning and another friend is posting like crazy about his wife being in labor and what a wonderful day they are having. A little ping of sadness but I will not let this ruin my mood today.

Oh a better note - I got a positive OPT (I think) yesterday which is about three days sooner than last month. I think the Vitex might be helping. We are also using Preseed and I really have felt positive about the baby making this month. Now we get to sit around and enjoy this 2WW.

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