Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life Sucks and All That Jazz

Work is going slow this week. Everything is going slow.

Went to the grocery store this afternoon and it sucked. Trying to park was a pain. Walking in was a pain. It took me a while to get to my spot because of everyone crossing in front of my car. But when I walk to the drove everyone about runs me over. Then I pass a lady pulling out of the expecting or small children spot that was not preggers only to be filled by a lady who after coming in the store was not preggers either. This really just annoyed me really. Then before stopping I stop at the restroom, no big deal.....oh wait....oh are the signs of AF. Great, just what I wanted. Oh, freaking, joy.

I wonder if AF would be interested in having a drink? Is she's going to visit I might have to indulge.

1 comment:

  1. Lindsay... so sorry... :-( It is so hard when you're feeling so positively and then AF comes and kicks you right in the guts. Little alcohol helps to numb the pain for a while.... Do what you need to do. xxxx