Friday, July 9, 2010

Hello July

I know I have been busy but I didn't realize that I had n0t blogged yet this month. So here it is....

Let's start with work - like I said, busy. Busy as a Bee! Things are changing and I've been blessed with the task of picking up some slack. I don't mind really, but its probably going to be a few weeks of busy. We have one girl who is changing positions in the company and I'm covering her work (and mine) until her replacement gets here. If that wasn't enough, I'm scheduled to help start training two new people. This will be my first time training at this office so that should be interesting. I've spent the last two days working until 7pm trying to get caught up. I hope the worst of this is over and I can go at a less frantic pace next week.

oh, I tried a Java Chip frappuccino at Starbucks the other sip and I was addicted.

What else? ....We enjoyed a nice Independence Day weekend. Did a little shooting with the family and had some tasty food. Ended up having a few good conversations with the sister in law. Mostly baby talk, but I'm proud to say I handled it well. It was also the first time in a while that we saw the nieces and nephew and not one of them asked me when we were going to have a baby. It was nice not to have that throw out there again to try and stumble over.

Now that I've mentioned baby stuff.... I'm really just trying to relax this month (because that is what EVERYONE says to do *insert eye roll*). Notice I did not say forget about it. While so many ladies out there might have this luxury, this lady does not. I might be able to forget about it for a little while during the day, but it is always there. Right there to the side. Like that spot at the edge of the peripheral vision. You know, that spot were you see a flash and think you might have seen something, but when you turn to look there's nothing there. Well that little spot of space is full for me - full of what ifs, and maybes and gosh darn I really hope so's.

I'm currently on CD 11 and plan to use OPTs starting tomorrow. Not temping again this month. I'm not sure why but I keep avoiding it. Guess I will try again next month if necessary. Oh, almost forgot - I had a lapse in sanity during AF and called my OB. I talked to the nurse for awhile and she did her best to reassure me that my longer cycles are natural and to try to hold out a little longer. I kept asking questions and finally she asked if I just wanted to make an appointment. Since I know the Doc is going to say pretty much all the same, I said no and that I'm going to hold out for at least one more month. In the mean time I picked up a generic bottle of Vitex and have started taking it. I noticed a day or two of really heavy CM that is not normal for this time of the month, but not sure if it is completely correlated to taking Vitex. I guess we'll see what other changes it might bring along.

On another note, I am experiencing abnormal acne. Its awful, no good and sucks. I know it has to be from coming off the BC, but why is it just now popping up? I've made a dermatologist appointment and hope here are some good options. Too bad they couldn't fit me in until August.

oh and the disk drive is going out on my laptop....not cool. so not cool.

Now, I have to think of something nice to end this blog with. No point in ending it negatively.... Let's see - its Friday night and the weekend is here :) The weekend is not full of activities and I hope to enjoy a bit of peaceful time. Oh and I need to finish my book before bookclub on Tuesday....guess I better get to that.

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