Friday, January 21, 2011

ICLW and Positive Friday

Welcome to all my new and old visitors. We are TTC and currently dealing with Male Infertility issues.

If your new you can see our history timeline along this side --------->

Our current status is kind of unknown. We are technically trying but I am not charting or POS this month. We are hopeful that a recent Veraicoclele Repair was successful but it is too soon to tell. Our chances were 2-3% before surgery and hopefully it is a bit higher than that now. So if you are stopping by and like to share positive vibes - they are most welcome! I love my followers and do my best to keep up with all you.

I've been a little slack the last few weeks but each Friday I try to stop regardless of my mood or outside influences and consider some positive things that I can be thankful for. I like to share these and encourage all who stop by to do the same. You can leave me a comment with something positive you came up with or even better have your own positive post.

So here are mine. Most are pretty small and silly but add them together and it makes for a good day. It is nice to start off the weekend with a good attitude. -

1. If you read my last post you might have noticed the week did not start of with the best of news. The positive part is that my hubby is feeling better, we have talked it out and a new surgery is scheduled.
2. We got a lovely bit of snow overnight so we woke up to a very nice morning view.
3. The roads were bad on the way into work and even through I had a few sliding spells we made it to work safe and sound. Even better the sun it out now and if melting away the ice now so the drive home will be a lot better.
4. They posted a new position at work that is a step up and I've applied. Even if I do not get it this is great because it opens up just one more door for advancement later on.
5. We have scheduled our first vacation of the year for next month and we can not wait!
6. The Sampler Village put the January boxes on sale this month and I have already ordered mine. They are boxes of homemade items that sold so you can try out new stuff. I just love getting these in the mail.
7. I love ICLW week so I'm excited it started today. Now I have all weekend to find new blogs and get to know new stories.

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Wow, your list of positives is awesome! I'm quite jealous. Good luck with the job application, I hope you get it! I'm also really glad that your hubs is feeling better. I'm sure it was awful for you thinking he was mad at you.

    Happy ICLW! :)

  2. I love your list of positives!
    Today my positive is that when I called the insurance company (my least favorite thing EVER) I actually got a very helpful rep. Sure it took 30 minutes, but he was SO NICE!

  3. Sounds like a decent start to your weekend. I hope the positives continue!!

    My positive-my sister and her partner (who are both chefs) are coming round tonight to make us homemade yummy!!

  4. Dropping by for ICLW Week!
    My positive (Sat) is that I have absolutely NOTHING that I have to do (no meds to pop, no patches to change!), I'm FREE to just chill and I like it!
    Hang in there, let the Hubs have some frustration, don't think he's mad at you, sometimes they don't want to express all the emotions like us wifey's do. =)
    Take Care
    The C's

  5. Hi there!Positive Friday is a great idea,I've had an attitude turn-around lately and am trying to be more positive about thngs too, so far it's working-I think 2011 will be a good year :)
    We are dealing with MFI too, I know my husband gets frustrated sometimes-they deal with things so differently to us,it can be hard sometimes.
    Best of luck and hope all of your dreams come true this year!
    Ants:) #133

  6. Stopping by from ICLW!! Best of luck, I am now following you. Best of luck getting the new job!

    ICLW #206

  7. I love the idea of setting aside one day of the week to be positive--wonderful!

    I hope that the Veraicoclele Repair turns out to be successful.

    Happy ICLW! (#168)