Saturday, January 15, 2011

A trip to China town is like a kick in the Ovaries

Don't you just love how one small event can change the direction of your day or alter your mood? The same situation might affect me differently on any other day but today it just got to me.

My husband and I ran in to Walmart (aka China town) today to pick up a few little things. We were finishing up and forgot something so we backtracked to get it. While walking up to check out we ran into a girl we use to know. She was not a person we saw a lot but was just the ex-girlfriend of a mutual friend. It has been about two years since we last saw her and in that time she got married and had a child. When I had originally heard she was pregnant it stung a bit but did not affect me too much. But today it nearly brought me to tears. She is younger than me and has a beautiful little girl. Her eyes were blue as could be and all I could do was stare. Here is this girl that has what I've wanted for years and she just happened to get knocked up while planning her wedding. It has been a few hours now and I feel a bit better but it took a while for me to clear my mind enough to keep from wanting to cry.

On another annoying note - has anyone noticed how many freaking celebrities have announced pregnancies this last week or so?

Natalie Portman
Kate Hudson
Selma Blair
Marion Cotillard
Tia Mowery
Victoria Beckham
and as I'm freaking writing this darn blog I see a new announcement about Alicia Silverstone

If this year is as active as the first few weeks of January then this is going to be one big annoying year!


  1. I am right there with ya! I'm more disturbed by the people who don't take care of themselves and then get pregnant without trying and then ask for special treatment because their blood pressure is too high or something like that.

    Maybe this will be the year for you and me! Hang in there! :)

  2. Always a kick in the guts. It just doesn't seem fair that so many of us are fighting for our little miracles and other people get them without even wanting or trying.

    I hope this year is your year. xx

  3. Oh wow... throw out the gossip mags... they don't know bugger all about people anyway. Think there are enough real people out there to make misery of what you're going through.

    Agree with the other girls mate, start of a new year and fresh bunch of opportunities for you guys. Hoping that it finally comes together! :-)