Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This Bag of Clothes

While putting away Christmas decorations and pulling out winter sweaters I came across a bag of maternity clothes. It is a lonely bag of clothes that resides in my guest room and is growing more pitiful each day.

You see two years ago by best friend had a baby. Since we were not trying yet she borrowed out those clothes to a co worker. That coworker had her baby and then returned the clothes to my friend. (side note, same coworker has already had another one since then. Would that be considered a lap?) Anyways my best friend sent the clothes home with me instead of putting them in the attic because we would be getting pregnant very soon.......

That poor bag is still there in a closet. Its been a year now.

Every now and then I need something out of there and I'll look at the bag with a hint of sadness. Should I just give up and return it? Is it bringing me bad luck? Does luck have anything to do with it? What if she accidentally gets pregnant and needs it all back? Will I cry? Will that hurt?

I think it might be best to just close that closet door and put away the Christmas decorations later.....


  1. Hugs Lindsay!
    I have a couple things tucked away I got when we were new to ttc and would be "pregnant any day now" sucks I know. Be strong chick things will turn out how you want :)

  2. I understand. I was pregnant 5 years ago, and as soon as we found out we announced the news- well my mom went crazy at the outlets buying me all kinds of maternity clothes. Needless to say we lost our son William at 14 weeks. I still have ALL the maternity clothes she bought me I couldn't bring myself to get rid of them, although it stung every time I would see the clothes. Now that I am pregnant most of the clothes don't fit (I have lost weight since I was pregnant last) too big however I still cannot bring myself to get rid of them. Almost all still have the tags on them! Knock on wood- the clothes were not bad luck for us. I know it will be very hard if she does get pregnant before you all and ask for the clothes back. I pray that you will need that bag of clothes very soon!

  3. Hi Lindsay, here from iclw. It is always so great to find new awesome bloggers!

    Geez - this is a real kicker - I so could not deal with any maternity/baby stuff in our house. It would seriously send me over the edge. My SIL has a whole garage of hand me downs that she is waiting to unload on us. I am so grateful that she hasn't pushed to move them into our garage.

    Soon enough, right! Our time is coming!