Friday, January 28, 2011

Positive Friday

I guess its time to wrap up with week with a few Positives.

1. Had a great time finding new blogs this week with ICLW. I might be delayed in some commenting but plan to catch up in the morning.
2. Hit 100 posts! I know it is silly but I’m proud that I have stuck with this blogging thing.
3. I’m finishing up a Tupperware Catalog party so now I get to pick out the stuff I want!
4. Get to go to a concert this weekend with my Mom. She is one of my best friends and we hardly ever get just me and her time.
5. I think my job interview went well. I’m pretty sure I will not get the position based on who else applied but I felt good about getting to try. I am hoping this opens up a few doors for some other things
6. My hubby and I have decided to go to Florida for our anniversary this year so I’m having fun planning a few little activates for us.
7. Today is CD24 and I think I might actually have a few symptoms. However I’m not sure when OV was so I could just be crazy. Until proven otherwise I’ll just be hopeful.
8. It was a great day at work today. Was invited out to lunch with a few people, everyone was in a good mood and the weather was nice.

I hope each of you can find a nice thing or two to be happy about today. Feel free to share here!


  1. G'day from Australia...
    Great to read your blog and fingers crossed that your symptoms turn out to be positive :)
    I'm new to this whole blogging thing
    and looking forward to sharing the journey of TTC with you all :)
    Love always,
    New Year Mum xo

  2. Oooh symptoms...this sounds exciting!
    Congrats on 100 posts. I was rather excited when I hit 100 and wanted to make it a special one except nothing exciting was happening at the time haha. Have fun planning your trip - what a great distraction...looking forward to hearing how those symptoms progress hehe.

  3. hey there - am posting an award for you. will be up on my blog by this evening.