Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ok, so I think its safe to say I'm 3 DPO. I like this but I do not like the wait. (but really, who does?) My monitor days I'm on CD 20, I had 4 days of High fertility and 2 days of Peak. There was one extra day of High after that and now I'm steady at Low for the last two days. While its nice to feel I've had a black and white answer I am still worried. I wonder if it will keep asking me to test for a few more days? I hope so. I really want to know if I get any surges around CD 23/24 like I have been seeing previously.

I am very anxious to go to the Doc next week. I am worried she will not help. I am worried she'll tell me everything is just fine and dandy and to wait. But I’m terrified to hear something might be wrong.

However despite my worries, I feel good this month. We enjoyed our ‘time’ this weekend and we ‘relaxed’. So if you have a little hope and wishing to share this month please don’t forget about us :)


  1. When it comes to the doctor, be clear with the facts and your concerns e.g. cycle length, ovulation, LP etc. If you get no joy, find another doctor. Some doctors are iditios. I don't know if I have told you this before (apologies if I have) but the first doctor that I went to tried to tell me that the luteal phase included the day of ovulation and also included the first day of AF hence, my luteal phases was normally 11-12 days and not 9-10 days and was "normal". She proceeded to yack on about how I am young and had plenty of time, do a blood test at 7DPO and come back at 12 months if it hasn't happened on its own.

    Now I KNOW for a fact she was wrong about the LP and when she told me my progesterone came back normal.... it was in the mid 30s when the cutoff is 30. That's like saying that your kid is passing in school because they got a C- instead of D+.

    I went and sought a second opinion that afternoon and walked away with comprehensive bloods and a referral.

    The guy who is now my OB wasn't my first FS either because I was unhappy with the standard of care from the one to whom I was initially referred!

    If I'd taken the opinion of the first doctor, there is a darn good chance I would not be standing here UTD now cause it was Clomid that corrected most of the problems I was having with my cycle.

    Anyhow, don't go in assuming the worst but be prepared for stand up for you want!! :-)

    Good luck!!


  2. Sending some positive thoughts your way-I hope this is your month!!

    As for the doctor-definitely agree with Green Sprout. If you are not happy or your doctor is unhelpful..find someone else!