Monday, August 9, 2010

New Month

So its a new month. I'm trying really hard to start this one off right. I want to be positive and hopeful. I got a Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and am trying it out for the first time this month. I considered temping as well but I'm not sure if I want that stress right now. Currently I have a Dr's appointment scheduled for the 30th. I want to talk this out and know what my options are and see if maybe she can help easy my worries.

We are now at seven months and I am tired of everyone telling me not to stress. I know I'm not your average girl. I know I want this more than most, but I honestly do not know how its possible to think about anything else. I am not able to go shopping or watch TV, talk to friends or go to work without it being an issue. It's always there. I'm sick of hearing people my age and younger talking about their little First Graders and Kindergartners. I'm am very happy for you and all but dammit, I don't even have a one year old, let alone a child old enough for school. (OK, sorry for that vent. I really just needed to say it and have it out).

Back to the positive thinking.....
I will have a good month and I will enjoy this time. I will go to my sister in law's baby shower and not get depressed. I will have some me time and I will do my best to enjoy this time with my husband. I will not dwell on the have not.

Oh, I almost forgot -
Green Sprout has the best news ever!!!! So very excited for her. If she is a follower of your blog you know that she is very sweet and truly cares about how we are all doing. Big Congrats going out to her!

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  1. People who give advice about not stressing etc are usually the ones who haven't a clue. They've never been there before. It just worked. The way it is supposed to etc. They can go jump in a bridge. You know your situation and your body better than anyone else!

    Great to hear you've got a doctor's appointment. Make sure you've get everything lined up in terms of how long you've been trying and when you're ovulating etc. If you are wanting a referral then it may even be advisable to tell a little white lie and say you've been trying for a year... as long as your DH will go with that if ever asked.

    Remember, if you don't get what you want from this doc, don't be afraid to venture elsewhere. I went to two GPs and my current FS (now OB yay!) is the not my first either. This is about you. Be assertive and stay strong.


    P.S. Thanks for the congrats! :-D