Friday, November 19, 2010

Late, but Positive

Had a pretty busy day today and almost forgot about Positive Friday. But I think that being positive helps me and my moods so I had to take time before bed to stop and be positive -

1. I'm watching Glee. Always good for some smiles
2. Had a really nice steak dinner tonight with the family. The restaurant is next to the lake and it made for a great laugh leaving. There are a lot of ducks outside that have learned to hang out and beg for leftovers from the diners. Just imagine walking out the door to about 20 ducks of all kinds squawking and closing in on you as you briskly walk to your car. :)
3. Harry Potter is out in the theaters, it will probably be next week before we'll get to see it but I'm still excited.
4. We had an author signing at work last week for a book coming out in a few days. The author was really nice and I read the book in two days - Matched by Ally Condie
5. Downloaded a few new albums this week and have enjoyed having new music to distract me.

My positives are a bit superficial today but you've got to take them as they come!

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