Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Looking back

Over the years (more so this last year) I've been hyper sensitive to pregnant women and babies. Its the new tend in TV, movies and celebrity news. There are baby bumps on watch and the new norm is to have a family with kids. I also notice a pregnant woman much faster than I do any other normal observances. I try to keep away from Facebook announcements and often hide friends until they are done with all the news and updates. I shy away from baby talk whenever possible and these days completely tune out discussions when they turn to children.

Most recently I been watching a old movies I love and old TV shows. Anything that makes me smile. Along the way I noticed that the characters I most connect with in TV shows or movies are those that have fertility issues. Some of my favorite books also have the same themes. I've never really paid much attention to it until now. Looking back there have been quite a few....

Monica from Friends
Charlotte from SATC
Blessed are the Cheesemakers (a lovely Irish story)
The movie UP

Of course now that I've finally sat down to write up this blog I have forgotten about half of the ones I've come across lately. So my friends and ICLW visitors, have you come across any lately? Are there any stories that you turn to for a pick me up? Books, movies, or TV - lets here it.


  1. Personally I go the direction of fantasy... as in twilight, harry potter etc. Reading "real life" books just seems too stressful at the moment so I look to what I like to refer as the real escapes!

  2. A nice swoop in from ICLW. Up made me bawl like a crazy person. Worse being that my husband and I were on a cross-country flight watching it in the airplane.

    I am struck with the idea that those moments in infertility that we see on TV didn't ring at all then, but do now. I'd love to give you a tip on how to deal with those with small ones, but still trying to get to a happy place on those friends myself. Hang in there.

  3. I first learned what an OPK was from Monica on Friends. : )

    Have you seen Julie and Julia? It's only barely hinted at, but Julia couldn't have children.

  4. Did you get to watch Top Chef:Just Desserts? Contestant Tania P mentions her struggles with infertility in the first episode. Her and her hubby had been trying for three years. Unfortunately she was the first one kicked off.

    Happy ICLW!

  5. Since I have two living children (who were followed by two second tri losses, then infertility) we go the library often. I'd never noticed before my losses how many books there are with titles such as "Mommy's Having a Baby!" "The New Baby!" "I'm a Big Brother!" etc. Nowadays I find this really annoying. And sad.

  6. Yeah I forgot about those characters, I love Fridays and Sex and the City, it should be in more shows, I read Harry Potter fantasy always make me feel better

  7. Hi Lindsay
    Hello from ICLW!
    How about Gilliana and Bill (the style network and E Entertainment) Although I'm a bit behind here in SA apparently the latest is her unsuccessful ivf.
    And on the movies - the backup plan, the switch (although they did get pregnant after the iui immediately, so not sure if it really is infertility.
    Oh well nice to meet you!

  8. Here from ICLW :) I haven't yet started to identify with those characters that seem to have infertility issues, but I definitely do with characters who go through struggles.. Can't think of any at the moment, but I'm sure its true. I'm an underdog for the most part. Sending you best wishes!

  9. I've also become super sensitive to baby bumps, babies and pregnant women. i notice them all the time, wherever we go.

    I love watching or reading fantasy, like Harry Potter, because it is far enough away from real life. Charlotte in SATC is a good character example too. We've been watching Parenthood a lot lately and one of the characters is ttc#2. I have this horrible, secret hope that she won't be able to get pregnant right away and that they will bring up the subject of infertility.

  10. I see quite a trend here with Harry Potter...and I love it! It is and will always be one of my favorite distractions :) Just saw the newest movie and loved it!

    Lulu - Yes, Julie and Julia was one of them I've seen lately.

    Laurie - I also watched Just Desserts and noticed that as well. I was sad when she left too.

    Annie - I work in the book industry and receive new book proofs every day. It like a new surprise everyday. Sometimes they hit me so hard.

    Mrs. R - I love Parenthood but will admit I have hoped for the same. I think it would be a wonderful way to put it out there and be informative.