Saturday, November 27, 2010

Whew a bit out of whack

Well I hate to say it but I completely slacked off this week and missed most of ICLW and Positive Friday. My mood has been okay and I guess my real excuse is a busy work week and the holiday. However I have visited everyone that stopped by and commented on my posts. Such lovely ladies with so much to share. I really do love this community. I found a few new blogs to follow and obtained a few new followers myself. I promise to get caught up soon and will be much better next month.

So a few good things to make up for missing Friday -

1. Friday one of my best friends stopped by work because she had the day off and brought me lunch. She brought her husband and daughter along too.
2. While eating lunch my boss stopped by and told us that if we had the time we could leave early - so I did
3. My friend was heading to take her daughter to the movies and they invited me along. So I got to see Tangled with them. First I must say her two year old, beautiful daughter was absolutely wonderful. She sat still through the whole movie and enjoyed it. Second, the movie was adorable and a must see if you like that kind of show. Disney really did well this time and I personally think they finally did something as good as Beauty and the Beast. Its been a while, but this one was lovely.
4. Thanksgiving was of course nice. I love all the family time and its our tradition to watch Christmas Vacation each year.
5. Today my hubby took me to see Harry Potter and as expected it was wonderful. I sure hope I can last until the next one comes out.
6. Bought a couple of Christmas lottery tickets and won $50.00 on two different tickets. Pretty rare for me to buy them and even rarer to win anything :)
7. I found some great Christmas gifts all week long shopping online. No black Friday lines for me. Coming up soon, Cyber Monday :)
8. Tomorrow is Sunday, another day of the weekend left


  1. Great to hear from you again Lindsay. Certainly sounds like you've been busy.
    Enjoy your sunday :)

  2. Here for ICLW - must say I'm jealous of the lottery wins! :)

  3. Happy ICLW! And I like the positivity; your Friday and Saturday sound delightful!

    Take good care,
    lady pumpkin
    ICLW #16