Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Well this sure has been one fine day!

Let’s see, whats happened so far today….

I woke up.

Took a HPT this morning (9 dpo). I know it was silly but I woke up with such a nice feeling of hope I decided to go with it. Of course it was BFN but I was not surprised and it did not make me upset.

While in this shower I got an extremely large about of face wash directly in my left eye. It was more painful that I could have imaged. My eye burned for about two hours once I was able to open it. Now it is bloodshot and watery. The sunlight and my computer screen are making it a bit worse.

I voted. This part was ok and only took about 5 minutes.

Stopped to get breakfast, which I hardly ever do anymore and ordered a new coffee drink. The picture looked like hot coffee, whip crème and all. Tasty sounding right? Well you would be wrong, it’s an iced drink and tasted watered down.

Got to work and remembered I had a 2 hour meeting/presentation thing to go to this morning. Oh joy, always love those.

Quick pit stop at the restroom before meeting and discover oh so wonderfully that I’m spotting.

Sat through meeting, trying not to cry about previous discovery and developed a headache.

Check phone after meeting to discover text message from high school friend announcing her baby will be a boy.

Had a friend’s dad checking my IPod to see what is wrong with it and was just told its pretty much shot. So now I’m IPod-less for who knows how long.


So, I wonder what else this day has stored for me.


  1. I'm sorry, I hate days like that. The good news is, it sounds like tomorrow can only be better :)

  2. You need a mental health day! No work, no stress. Feet up! Cocktails and chocolate!


  3. Argh what a stink day..I hope it didn't get any worse that it has already!