Friday, December 3, 2010

It's Friday!

I am hiding from a baby shower right now. I planned on going to lunch while it was going on but forgot about it and went to early. Of course I contributed to the diaper fund but really it has been a good day so far and I don’t want my mood to take a nose dive. So I stopped by, said hi to the beautiful-about-to-pop mom, grabbed a cupcake and ran back to my desk. I did get a little choked up when she asked why I was not staying for a few minutes and I honestly told her it a bit much for me to handle.

Now, I’m sipping a little punch, looking at a cute cupcake (topper removed) and thinking about nice things. Its Friday and Friday means being positive….

Here are today’s Positives!

1. I’m eating a cupcake – my favorite sweet treat.
2. I have a long weekend ahead of me - taking Monday and Tuesday off.
3. I’m almost done with my Christmas shopping!
4. Because all my shopping was done online, we have add tons of mail and boxes everyday this week. I have probably mentioned this before, but I just love getting mail. It makes me smile.
5. Today the package being delivered is a new purse, my birthday gift to myself!
6. Just planned a fun night out with one of my BFs for a play next week.
7. Still loving my new blog design
8. Added some new music to my library recently and today listening to and loving Bruno Mars - check out Runaway Baby for a cute upbeat song. I can't help but dance a little while listening to this one.

….And last but not least…. Monday we are taking our first huge step towards fighting infertility. Worried or not, I am excited and hopeful.

I hope your enjoying your Friday. Before leaving, please share something postive about your day.


  1. The sun is out and my kitchen is nice and clean... both things make for a very positive Friday afternoon!

    I'll be thinking about you on Monday!!!

  2. yummm cupcakes! I also love getting things in the mail! It's such a rush.

    The most positive thing of my day is my husband. He is so sweet. : ) Also I get to have the girls over tonight for takeout and a movie.

  3. First of all I just wanted to let you know how much I love reading your 'Positive Friday' posts. It inspires me to take the time and think of the positives in my life (even if they are only small) despite the struggles of TTC. I even think I may have to 'borrow' your idea..though I might make it Sunday or Monday as they seem to be hard days for me!

    Secondly...cupcakes!! Yummo!! And I too love receiving things in the mail. Enjoy your long weekend.

    -hugs- for the baby shower. Very hard to hide when it's happening at work. You did very well to even stop by momentarily!

    As for my positive for today...well it's Saturday! I just treated myself to a yummy mochacino and now I'm relaxing on the couch watching cartoons!! :-)

  4. I read this a day late, but it was super positive and made me smile with every read. Not to mention I'm listening to a few songs from the Love Actually Soundtrack AMAZING!!! Keeping my fingers crossed and positive thoughts all day long on Monday.