Friday, December 17, 2010

Positive Friday

Happy Friday! And a Positive one at that! I missed it last week so I’m going to have to be extra positive today.

We are trying not to focus on TTC since technically we are on a break. The swimmers are healing from surgery and we are keeping our fingers crossed our chances will increase.
So today I am focusing on the now - I’m looking forward to a nice weekend and so far it’s been a great day today. Here’s why:

1. I forgot my wedding rings at home today, boo! Oh wait that’s not positive…..I left them in the cleaning solution so they are going to be extra shiny tonight

2. I have a Netflix movie at home to watch tonight. It’s a Christmas movie which are always fun (Four Christmases – hope its good) AND the husband said he would watch it with me. Since I had to watch some kind of awful action movie last night (The Expendables – it was horrible) I think this is only fair

3. One of my customers sent me a box of Petits Fours today – extremely yummy!

4. A very sweet coworker/friend took me out to lunch yesterday for my Birthday and today one of my best friends took me out again. I feel loved

5. I have been slowly collecting these Rudolph figures that came out a few years ago. And each year I buy a new part of it so I don’t spend too much. This year I found a good deal on the Santa figure. He was delivered yesterday.

6. Tomorrow I get to hang out with at my parents house to celebrate my Birthday with them. My mom is making lasagna (yum) and we’re having Cupcakes!!!!

7. Christmas is 7 days away!

8. Sunday I am going to a Garth Brooks Concert – it is going to freaking rock!

9. I got an email yesterday from my flex spending account that I still had money left in it that I have to use before the year ends. I thought it was all used up so now I get to file a claim for the husband’s surgery and we should get back the co-pay amount.

10. And today my company gave us a surprise Christmas bonus. It was not expected at all and was pretty darn cool I really do love my job.

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your having a lovely day. And before leaving please think of a positive thing or two about your day or upcoming weekend. Feel free to share it too!


  1. Wow - so many positives Lindsay!! My positive for today is the cool time I got to spend with my friend last night...looong over due catch :)
    Have a happy girl and a happy weekend :)

  2. I am positive because last night I got to see a chick flick with my best friend. And because tonight I have a really fun family Christmas party to look forward to!

  3. Are you going to post pictures of the super cute Rudolph figurines?

  4. I'm a new follower after seeing your blog from Leah! So cute!!

    I'm looking forward to reading more posts and getting caught up on what seems to be a very emotional journey!


    P.S. Four Christmases is a GREAT movie! Very funny!

  5. My positive thought: I celebrated my very first wedding anniversary this Saturday and even though I am having a bit of an argument with my friends for petty things, I have a great husband and a great family!!