Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a quick update.

Overall I’m not a party pooper and yesterday ended up being a nice Birthday.
Sorry for my little pity party/rant.

since I missed last Postive Friday, here are my Birthday Positives -

Once I got over my little sad spell I:
Ran a few errands
Had some tasty pasta for lunch
Visited my cousin and their new baby
The weather cleared and we went to the Hockey game
We ending up sitting in one of the boxes, the game was great and we won!
My sweet, sweet husband got me a wonder gift - a wallet from Harvey’s (they do seatbelt bags that are just plain awesome!) and had flowers waiting for me at home.

So this year I might not have my heart’s one main desire I am able to look around and be content with what I am already lucky to have. Wonderful friends and family, a great outlet for my troubles, a good job that I enjoy and my health.


  1. Very cute wallet!!!! SO HAPPY that you had a good birthday:)

  2. Happy belated Birthday!

    I am so glad you were able to pull a few positives out despite the sadder start to the day.