Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where’s Your Happy Place?

Where is your happy place?
Where do you go when things get to be a bit much?
Instead of breaking down in public where do you run to?
How do you deal?

I’m sure we all have different ways of getting through and today I discovered my newest coping method. I just completely checked out. I’m getting coffee at work and stop by a friend’s desk and within moments find myself in the middle of a conversation about the co-worker that just had a baby over the weekend. Then the conversation turns to birthing and c-sections. I did not feel right directing the conversation else where and had no opinions on the matter since I have not had the pleasure of giving birth thus far. So I just started reading all the little pieces of paper on my co-workers desk. I’m sure my eyes glazed over at some point. After what seemed like forever (probably around 2 or 3 minutes) I backed out of my fog to hear they were still talking about it all and I just turned and walked away to talk to someone else. Thankfully they are both good friends that understand what is going on so that kind of getaway was hopefully was not looked down upon.

On another note - Today sucks. It has just been one of those days when nothing is going right. I was running late this morning and was late to work which always gets me unnerved. My husband woke up feeling a bit off and has a tightness in his chest. So he went to the doctor and apparently the pain meds they gave him also gave him bronchitis. Lovely. I expect the weekend to be a good one now too.


  1. Oh brutal about your husband's bronchitis! Definitely stay a good distance away! As for me I have lately been visualizing a happy place to keep myself positive (the circle + bloom) series helps too!

  2. I hate days like those! Yuck! Tomorrow is Friday (which makes it better than today already!)

    Where do I go? First, I'm not good at escaping breaking down in public. I start to hear all those conversations and, if I'm having a bad day, start to do all of the math calculations in my head to see how old one of my babies would be (if I hadn't had the miscarriages). I leave the area and often go home (if possible). I'm a teacher, so that cuts down on hearing from it from colleagues (for the most part during the day).

    But where do I go? I have a small, square vase on my desk that's filled with seashells I've collected for the Outer Ban.ks. I hold them if I can. Or, sometimes, if I can actually calm myself, I breath deeply and picture sitting on the beach with my husband and dogs. It's my version of paradise.

  3. I work with 7 other women, 5 of whom are mothers, 2 of whom had babies this summer. I can tell you all of the birth stories of the collective 8 babies that have been had by the 5 women. I know who had c sections and why, who went late, who went early, who had an episiotomy, etc etc etc. I know all of the details of all of the pregnancies, even the one that happened 30 years ago.

    So I definitely know what you mean.