Thursday, December 2, 2010

Just a little bit of stuff

This month I have taken a break and not tracked a thing. I’ve felt very detached from the TTC cycle and blogs. I’m having a hard time relating to anything right now and hearing any updates knowing I have none. It has also been pretty difficult to not know what cycle day it is or how much longer I may have before AF. I did pretty well and only checked the dates twice. I know its completely stupid but for the last week or so I kept having ‘what if’ thoughts. I know very well our chances right now are in the 0-2% category but I still could not let go of that hope and wishing. What if it just happened with out surgery or any more intervention….alas AF signs started showing up yesterday so that’s out the window now.

This week things have picked up a bit. We are quickly approaching my hubby’s surgery and I’ve been trying to take care of things beforehand. The doctor was pretty positive they could file everything so insurance would cover it but I’ll admit I’ve been terrified that they will reject it. I called his office on Monday to verify that everything had been filed and to confirm how much our co pay would be. I left a message and received no answer. Tuesday morning I got an automatic email update on our claims and they had denied the earlier consult visit. I had a small stroke and ran out to call the insurance company. Luckily it was an easy update and they just need confirmation that he did not have any other policies from his work. And finally yesterday the doctor’s office called back and confirmed all was fine. The surgery is covered 100% with just a smallish co pay. In the mean time my husband was answering pre-op questions on the phone and they gave us 20% off the co pay if we prepaid over the phone. All I can say was that was a huge relief.

I’ve been dealing with a few mixed emotions about it all. I’m excited for the possibilities that this might fix everything and we are on our way. At the same time I’m terrified that this is just one little hurdle and so much more may be coming. I think it is wearing on my nerves because today I am on edge. I keep getting annoyed at little things and then realize I shouldn't be. I’m ready to go home and hopefully have a quite evening.


  1. Waiting is terrible. The anxiety, the feeling of helplessness. I hope you get back in the saddle soon. : )

  2. Thinking of you. Waiting and doing nothing is so hard. I hope the surgery goes well and you are on your way again.

  3. I hope things work out and you are back on your way to baby making really soon. Great news that the insurance will cover the surgery costs- I'm sure that makes all of the waiting a little easier!