Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2WW Intervention

Remember when they came out with a feature on cells phones a few years ago that allowed you to set your phone to block calls to certain people after a set hour each night? You know to avoid drunk dialing and other bad things you do while drunk...Anyways (there is a point) I think we need something similar during the 2WW.

Here are my suggestions for keep sane during the wait:
- Setting FF to block the calender or chart view after 10 DPO. You can still enter in your stats but it will prevent you from agonizing over this chart and comparing it to charts 6, 12, or even 18 months ago.
- All toilet paper used will be a rosy color that prevents you from examining it for any pink or red traces.
- Ipods would gradually start hiding your depressing songs with each passing DPO. By the time AF is due all you can have are pop songs available.
- TV shows with babies, pregnancy or anything possibility related to couples that have the chance of conception are recorded but locked until after AF stats are recorded.
- Optional setting for FB that allows you to block all mention of babies, pregnancies, ultra sound pictures or anything that sounds like an announcement. All baby birthday events would automatically decline the RSVP with a lovely note of appreciation for the invite.
- All test strips and tests would have to be locked in a special box that only allows one test extraction a day after 12 DPO.
- Every work desk and kitchen would be stocked with a never-ending box of tissues and a jar of chocolates.

Any thoughts? Anything you would add?


  1. Oh my god, I love it. How do we make this happen??

  2. Sounds great haha. I'm with ya on this the 2ww agnony thing. I've managed to make it to 9dpo without obsessing too much and now BAM obsession city!

  3. i had to have my husband hide test strips from me last month and got really really mad when he wouldn't give them to me!

  4. Love the list... block Dr. Google for pregnancy symptoms and we're set!!!

  5. Love love love this!!!! I agree with Miss Mac on blocking Dr Google!!!

  6. I love this. I'm not even TTC and I love this.

    (Here because you responded to my comment on Mo's ChocoBuddy form, and I was gonna come lurk to find out how far away from me you live...)