Friday, February 4, 2011

A Friday of Good and Bad

When I started today’s post early and the day just went wild. So I am starting over and am going to mix it up this Positive Friday post a little bit. Today is about “The Bad” and “The Good”.

The Bad – got a BFN yesterday
The Good – I am not out yet!
Today is CD 30. My average cycle length is 33 days but I think this is really skewed by a few longs months I had last year. FF has me scheduled for AF on CD 32. Currently there are no signs of AF but no new symptoms have shown up. I’m going to try and forget about it this weekend and stay busy.

The Bad – We all have shit days and I’ve had them this week! The Good – I’m feeling better today and coming out of the funk. I also signed up for a Choco Buddy which should help in the future. Check it out, the link is over there --------------------->

The Bad - I tried to give blood today and could not
The Good – My iron levels were high enough to give.
I struggle with keeping my iron up high enough to give and have to take iron pills a whole week ahead of time to even have a chance. Today I was high enough but the girl poking me had some issues finding the vein and missed it. So they tried for a while but my arm swelled and we had to stop. No pain through so I as not upset at all

The Bad – I now have a big bruise on my arm from the attempt to give blood.
The Good – While checking me out to see if I could give my temperature was at 99.3. I feel fine and am wondering – could this be a sign? A symptom? I do not normally run high.
(And while I’m here, let me just say - I am a big advocate of giving blood. It costs you nothing and has the potential to save as many as 6 lives. I have officially given over a gallon of blood since I first started giving in my teens. This makes me happy.)

The Bad – There was really odd drama this morning at work.
The Good – We had a tasty potluck for lunch and we really all enjoyed it. I made tasty pinwheels with fiesta dip spread.

The Bad – I am pretty sure I am not going to get the promotion I interviewed for. Just a gut feeling.
The Good - If the person I think is going to get it does, then her spot is small step up and I have a better chance at getting that.

The Bad – I have not had anytime to read blogs today
The Good – I hopefully can catch up this weekend

The Bad – Our weekend is going to be crazy busy and my previous might not work out J
The Good – Its all with family so one can not complain. Family is worth it.

The Bad – My day has had me running all over the place.
The Good – Part of that running got me to an author signing today for this book -here. The illustration is a previous employee of our company and is just awesome! Here is the book trailer - here

So how has your day been? Any good or bad you want to share or vent about? Regardless please make sure you take a moment to think of something Positive before moving on. Its good for you and might help kick off your weekend in the good direction.


  1. Lindsay! What are you doing trying to give blood when TTC??? Your body needs a good balances of all the good things in your blood in order for conception to occur and to prevent early m/c. It takes three months for your body to replace what it has lost which is why you can only donate blood as often as that IF you have your preliminary checks come back good. If you give blood and ditch your reserves, what is left for a baby??? I gave blood one while I was TTC. The first time I managed to convince the lady there was a snowballs chance of it happening. The second time (three months later) she refused. Incidentally a BFP a week or two later.... Giving blood is a wonderful thing but you've got the rest of your life to do it. Right now to achieve what you want the crimson gold needs to stay inside you!!

  2. Good gosh, I knew even thought of it that way! I totally deserve that tsk, tsk. But the good news is I couldn't do it. I'm taking (hoping) it maybe a sign. I promise not to do it again!

  3. I love the 'good and the bad' post Lindsay...its great that you can find the glass half full in any situation.

  4. If this were yesterday I would have had a MAJOR bad to vent..but it's a new day. I hope you have a lovely weekend even if it is going to be a busy one.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that the dreaded witch does not show up and those 2 lines do instead!!