Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Seeking Comfort

Broken whisper I can hear you crying tonight
Empty words and arms can’t make it alright
You’ve run out of questions without answers to hold
For the cold caress of helplessness inside you
But let me comfort you

Today is another less than happy day. I am having a rough go emotion-wise and (thankfully) tomorrow the hubby and I are heading out of this place for a few days to get away. I am looking forward to clearing my head and getting back on track. If this getaway does help me get through the tears I think it will be time to call up the Doc for some extra help.
You know that day that sucks? Well it got worse.
didn't get the job (that's ok, I figured that part) but now they are not going to fill her spot so there are not any more chances for advancement anytime soon. oh joy
then this afternoon i had to go to a meeting for a fundraising committee i'm on at work. the campaign leader is about 5 month pregnant. so lucky dog me, i get to be around that for the next 3 months. lovely


  1. Hoping this getaway is just what you need, Lindsay! These ups and downs are killer. Thinking of you!

  2. Thinking of you! I hope your weekend away is exactly what you need!

  3. Hope the getaway gives you some time for R&R and time away from a journey that's so stressful! Maybe the committee will end up being more e-mails than actual meetings... hope things are better soon!