Friday, February 18, 2011

Positive and Sunny Friday

Well if you have stuck with me this week I really appreciate you. Its been a rough go and I have received some wonderfully sweet comments throughout. I know it could be worse and my complaints lately might seem a little superficial to some but just getting these feelings out have really helped.

Now I are moving on past this week and with that I must bring on some positives! One of my main points is be positive, see the glass half full and darn it I shall!

1. We could be worse off. Plain and simple. It has been a year and we have learned, loved and can keep moving forward.

2. The beach. Yep you heard that right - I'm at the beach :)

3. The wine!

4. I am getting to spend some much needed time with my husband. We are celebrating our 3rd wedding anniversary.

5. Nap time. I think everyday should come with nap time but since most do not I am loving having the time to do so right now.

6. No work. I am not there and not thinking about it. It's lovely.

7. Sangria. Just another form of wine and even tastier.

8. Upcoming events. I'm going to busy when we get back to things. I have concert to go to at the end of the month with my Mom. At least one local play has opened up that I want to see and a local charity event called Soup Day. Just a day of trying new soups. Very yummy event.

9. The fog. Last night a major fog fell on the area and it was just amazing to see how everything looked. We stood out on the beach and unless you were right at the water you could not even see it. I am glad we did not have to drive in it much but it was really cool to see.

10. Movies. My hubby and I am just love watching movies. When on vacation we normally sit down to watch one each night and sometimes we'll go out to the theater too. I love the snuggle time and quite us time.

11. (bonus!) My sweet man got me a beautiful necklace and earring set for our anniversary. We normally do not exchange gifts for our anniversary since we sneak out of town for it. But this time he surprised me. Absolutely the sweetest.

That is all I have for now. I hope you are all having a lovely day and a great weekend ahead of you. Please make sure you think of something positive before moving on. Feel free to share something great right here before you go too!


  1. Wonderful to hear positivity coming from the beach... my favourite place :) For me today - positive was having a great coffee as my last one (and only one I've had in awhile) before starting the hard-core injections for IVF this week... love coffee and miss it dearly ! xoxo

  2. I am headed to the beach next week!! I am a new follower!!