Tuesday, June 21, 2011

IF really is all about waiting, isn’t it?


I have a headache and I blame IF. Actually I blame it on stress. But lately those are one in the same. The hubby’s SA test is back but we will not be able to find anything out until Thursday. The doctor is out of the office until then and the nurse will not/can not tell me the numbers. This scares me a little because my first thought was that if it was good news she could have told us. Hopefully this is not the case but my wish to be positive and my gut feelings are fighting on this one.

On a lighter note – yesterday morning at work I got out my fully-cooked bacon from my lunch bag and go to heat it up – well the back looked like big ol’ sperm (shape wise). I laughed pretty good at that and thought well maybe it is just a funny sign.

My parents just got back form a vacation trip to Mexico and my Mom brought me home a Mayan fertility idol. I’m supposed to cover it in honey and then wash it off with only water. And I need to do this in a bucket because all the water used has to go outside. And I’m supposed to do this every 28 days until we are successful. It is supposed to line up with the days of your cycle and the moons so I don’t know if I’m supposed to start it on a certain day or not. So far I have not found much research on it online but I guess it can’t hurt to try it out.

At least it is not a scary looking thing. He looks a lot like this -


  1. Interesting! I haven't heard of that particular idol story. I'd try it :)

    I'm crossing my fingers for the SA results. My husband is about to have his first one this week and I am quite nervous as well. I will tell you that in my experience, nurses never can tell me anything - good OR bad. So I wouldn't be too nervous about that because I'm sure she's just following the rules.

    Hang in there - keep us posted!

  2. Hmmm there are a lot of variables there. My regular dude would get me te results via email or SMS the day they came in so I never had to chase. The old place I went to they would only give the results over the phone if the doctor had looked at them and "interpreted" them aka checked the number sat between the reference ranges and I had to push them to actually provide me with a number rather than a statement eg "you've ovulated". Perhaps there is just a policy that non-medical staff doesn't do over the phone stuff. Who knows buy probably not worth stressing until you get there. Nurse might also just be an idiot who can't read the results to save herself too...

    Anyhow the fertility idol looks like a tiki monster. It's cute and you know I would give anything a go ... But that's just me!

  3. Looking forward to hearing how these results go. It ain't over till the fat lady sings my girl. I've got a fertility crystal beside my bed and have had someone pray for me so ya know the fertility idol is worth a try lol.

    Hugs chick xx

  4. LOVE IT, I'm so glad mama Jones is helping you out too! Thats wonderful

  5. That was nice of her. Sounds like a lot of work to wash honey off that thing with only water though. I've gotten a fertility charm for a necklace from a friend, maybe yours will work better, or maybe I'm not doing it right.

  6. Loving the idol..very cool!! Lets hope it works!! xx