Friday, June 3, 2011

A Waiting Kind of Life

CD 12

After a few too many phone calls and figuring out crazy schedules, we finally have another SA lined up. Hopefully i'll get an OV in before then and hopefully the hubby will actually be in town. He has a lot of stuff planned the next two weeks and will be away from home more than usual. Regardless I'm not charting anything this month. I just didn't have the heart to pee on anything.

So now I'm just hanging out and seeing what happens. I'm going to do all I can not to stress over the test and what it might mean for us. I can't be upset about something that we do not know about yet.


  1. Now that I can finally comment again...hugs my girl. Def a good attitude to have no point stressing over something unkown. I really hope it goes well for you xx

  2. I hope the test results come back ok.

  3. oh, I envy your month of not testing or anything, must be nice. Hope his SA comes out ok. On your outline it doesn't look like he had one after his repair.

  4. Oh yeah..I have been there. It is exhausting and so stressful to pee everyday and to chart...just thinking about it make me start to stress. Enjoy this cycle;)