Monday, June 27, 2011

Only Half of an Update

CD 9

We are still playing the run around game. My husband's Urologist is by far the most frustrating office I have ever had to deal with. I honestly believe they did not like me calling and now they have put in his chart that they can only talk to him.

So the doctor called my husband on Friday to give him the SA test results. There are some improvements but things still look pretty slim. This is what my husband told me. He did not get all of the same details, for example the total count. Since he did not know what to ask for he was a bit in the dark with what they were telling him. I am still an angry ball of nerves right now since I have not heard the full bit.

They told my hubby that they would fax the details over to my OBGYN for their review as well. As of this afternoon they have yet to receive it. I am trying to stay calm and wait until my doctor has had time to see it and give her opinion. At this point I do not trust the other office and they can all go fall in a hole.

Hopefully tomorrow I can get all the details and the full story.


  1. -shakes head- ok so now they are just being plain obstructive. I am so sorry you've had to jump through so many hoops just to get a few numbers. The only thing I would say is to get your doctors office to do the chasing. Usually there is a higher degree of success when the medical people interact. Just rude I know. Will be watching this space for further updates! Xxx

  2. I absolutely cannot believe what you have had to deal with. This is an outrage. Personally, I would not have anything more to do with that office and I would file an official complaint. This is far beyond any sort of typical timeline and is downright getting to the point where they are interfering with you being able to move forward on a reasonable timeline. Absolutely outrageous. I am so, so very sorry that you've had to deal with this. It is absolutely uncalled for and so difficult, given that it is obstructing a journey that is so difficult to begin with. Think of you...

  3. Grrr..I want to come over and slap that doctor (and the receptionist)!! The service they are providing you with is NOT good enough.

    I am so sorry that you are having to deal with this. It's just the last thing you need. I hope you get the full story soon without too much more chasing on your part. xx

  4. Let me know when we are digging that hole! How rude!!!