Friday, May 20, 2011

A Good Friday

So last night, while cooking dinner, my husband looks at me and says….”So, are we pregnant?”

I think I died a little inside telling him that I’m not sure but right now I don’t think so. This was only the second time he has ever asked this. Not only did he observe our timeline enough to wonder but he also included “WE” in that small sentence. To me this meant so much. And after telling him no he visibly got frustrated and said we’ll then we are going to get tested again next month. Another small, wonderful, bonding victory.

I know a lot of you out there have spouses that are very supportive in different kind of ways but in our house we have not really broached the subject much during testing time. He doesn’t ask and I don’t tell. Actually I hide the tests I take. I do this mainly because I do not want him to see my spazing out with the amount of tests I take and also because I would prefer to not have to acknowledge the result. I figured if I have to say out loud that it is negative then I’m making it more true. Reading the test and saying it my head is not as bad. Even typing it out is easier, but saying it out loud just feels wrong. I’m working on this but for now I think I’ll still keep a hold of them.

Ok, so now lets move on to less deep conversation. Today is Friday and I’m going to be Positive. I am going to be happy today and have hope.

1. I’ve been so crazy running around that I’ve missed on reading most of the blogs I follow and my leaving comments skills have really been lacking. But I’m going to get back on the ball. So my plan is to spend some nice computer time this weekend catching up, checking in and saying hi!

2. I got an email yesterday from the TTC/Pregnancy study I enrolled in before reminding me that I can still be considered for the study and to let me know my latest updates. I’m hoping this is just a really good case of timing and luck. Maybe its just a good sign.

3. I got my very first pair of cowboy boots. Very excited about them and hopefully I can get them worn in soon. I apparently have one foot that is fatter than the other so it might take a bit for them to fit just right.

4. Today has been a little less crazy at work so I’ve actually had time to listen to my Ipod and all my new downloads.

5. I finished a really great (and really long) audio book yesterday – Brisingr ( and that the next book will be coming out later this year. EEEK – love this series. Just a fun little getaway.

6. AF is still not here yet! So I’m still in it! If you have a little extra, share a little hope :O)

7. Today work was nice and fun. I had a great lunch out with my bestie and had some good laughs to finish up the day.

8. My hubby will be home this weekend. It will be nice to have just some us hanging out time. And if the weather holds out we might go to the local Renaissance Festival.

Tell me, how about you? What is positive in your day today or in your plans? Do you have any weekend goals?


  1. I am giving you all the hope I can spare my girl!! I don't share any testing I do with mine boy either..he'd just get mad at me for setting myself up for disappointment.
    My positive...the sun is shining and I got to sleep in..oh how I've been dreaming of the sleep in!

  2. It's ok. I think we all go through that moment when we don't share everything w their hubby. But just know that at the end, he is right there with you. Guys have a funny way of showing it.

    My positive..I ate some really bad ass mexican food! lol. I'm a happy camper this Friday night. :) Hope you have a great weekend!!

  3. *hugs* for your Lindsay. xx

    I never used to share my POAS with DH either. I just couldn't bear to dissapoint him as well as myself.

    Glad you were still able to come up with some positives!! xx I always look forward to reading your Positive Friday posts!

    My positives for the day:
    -got to spend some time with my mum today
    -still have 2 more days with hubby home before he goes back to work
    -it's raining so perfect snuggling on the couch weather!

  4. I found your blog through ICLW. Wishing you all the best.


  5. Hi Lindsay,
    This is Nancy returning your comment from LadiesinWaitingBookClub through ICLW. We hope you join us - we have a lot of fun and we love to have members contribute as well!
    Best of luck on your journey and find success very soon!

  6. your blog has brightened my day. I am sending lots of baby dust your way:) Look forward to following your journey:)

  7. Happy ICLW! Just read your HSG post- I had one a couple of days ago. The pain was waaaay more than I expected, too.

    Good luck with this cycle!