Friday, October 15, 2010

Another Positive Friday!

I am starting to look forward to my Friday posts. While this week was a bit much emotionally I got through it! Now I’m going to look forward to the weekend and think of a few positive things to start that off.

1. I was invited to go out after work with a few people that I’ve never really hung out with before. It’s always nice to feel included and to get to know people more.
2. Next week the hubby and I are going to have the ‘stuff’ tested. So I’m sending positive Friday thoughts in that direction and hoping for great results.
3. A friend from my book club had surgery on Monday and she is home and doing great.
4. Tomorrow I get to spend part of my Saturday at a fundraiser for our local Breast Cancer Awareness walk
5. found the music video for Jar of Hearts. This artist is very new but I just love her voice and tone. Hopefully she’ll put out her album soon.
The song is a sad one but what is cool about it is the story behind it. I love the TV show So You Think You Can Dance and this last season one of the choreographers did a dance to this song. She was unknown and the song blew up overnight on Itunes (I was one of those to download it). Well in the video she includes the dance from the show.

Last but not least -
6.One of our niece’s left us the most precious card at the in-law’s house earlier this week, so sweet it made me cry a little:

So there are my positive thoughts for the day. I hope you can take a moment and think of something positive about your day before moving on to another blog :)

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